Last week, we invited you to get out there and  discover some unique businesses in your area. Well, this week we’re feeling both adventurous and studious. Essentially we feel like going to a cozy spot and dreaming big. We’ve got data visualizations to help you do just that!

Need a drink?

It’s one of those things that people travel to America to experience. One day it might be as ubiquitous as coming here for a theme park- microbreweries. According to, the craft beer revolution has been picking up steam over the past 30 years until it has now reached a point where no matter where you live in the country you can go and check out one of these local brew masters.

What Christopher Ingraham of The Washington Post did was take data from about these breweries and plotted them all on this amazing map. What we love about this data visualization is the way the map is broken up into various regions with a high degree of interactivity. Just mouse over a region and it will tell you what the brewery is in that area. Personally, we were able to find the breweries in our hometowns in seconds. Well done, Christopher.

data visualization
Can you find your home brewery?

So get out there and support your local brews! And if drinking isn’t your thing, most breweries in our experience offer delicious food too.

Get inspired

So now that you have your cozy place to go for some food and a drink you need something to think about while you’re there. We’ve got something for you.

The coffee shop, public house, pub or bar have been centers of thought (not all of it golden, but still) throughout history. There’s something about the atmosphere that encourages deep thoughts and bold thinking (just don’t let the brew make you too bold!) From the Enlightenment to the American Revolution, big plans and great thoughts seem to swirl around whenever people get together to relax. We can let our imaginations free a bit.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ideas that made the people in this next visualization famous weren’t first conceived in just such a place.

With the Nobel Prizes currently being awarded it’s a great time to look back and consider who has won in the past and what they did to deserve such high praise.

Matthew Weber of Reuter’s Graphics did just that when he made this amazing visualization looking at Nobel prizewinners.

Who inspires you to dream big?
Who inspires you to dream big?

We love how you can hover over a particular name and then drill down to see more specifics on that person. It’s multi-dimensional data that’s easy to navigate and encourages hours of exploration and subsequent inspiration to do great things!

So there you have it- find a quiet spot in the corner and make your own big plans. When you’re done, why not share them with us! You can connect on Facebook or Twitter.

Until next time, have an inspirational weekend!

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