We’ve got a new crew member.

Let’s just take a look at the name of the company, shall we? VisualCue. Visual. As in having to do with sight.

Given the name it should come as no surprise we have a talented team of artists, designers and videographers working here. Not to mention gifted writers. Ahem.

We are pleased to welcome another member into our ranks, Amin Roozitalab of Atlanta, GA. Brandishing a BFA from The New School in New York, Amin impressed us all with his designs and was selected from a competitive pool of applicants to bring his unique aesthetic to VisualCue.

Walk around our Orlando office and you can usually find Amin working some digital magic or doodling in his sketchbook.

It’s clear that Amin has a passion for visualizing information in fresh, new ways. He said “VisualCue is a company that produces a truly amazing product, and I really believe in what the application can do.” Speaking of what the application can do, we knew he’d fit right in when, within a week of being hired, he showed us just what he’s capable of.

VisualCue tiles above animal heads
This is what happens to wildlife wandering near VisualCue

To this day, one of the best tweets we’ve ever sent out.

Welcome to the VisualCrew, Amin Roozitalab: Designer of Turkey Tiles.