Usually on Fridays we gather and highlight our favorite visualizations from around the Internet.

However, much like a special press release or an extra edition of the newspaper in the wake of some  big event, there will occasionally be cause to push the usual Friday frivolity to the sideline in favor of some breaking  news.

In this case we wanted to share VisualCue’s highlight on our own Fox 35 news outlet!


Why were we featured on the news? Simple: we have a unique data visualization platform built on the latest scientific discoveries into the speed of human sight and the power of pattern recognition. We spent years perfecting this science into a consumer data visualization product, and we wanted to protect this idea that we’ve worked so hard to perfect.

And how does one protect an idea? Put a patent on it! So we did. We hired a local law firm, filed for two patents which were awarded and have six more processing.

And that’s what caught the attention of local news. As you watch the video below you’ll discover a number of things about the VisualCrew: where we call home, what our offices look like, and even catch some of the VisualCrew in our television debut.

Frankly, we loved this news spot because it brought hard facts to support the fact that VisualCue is right in the middle of a technology boom happening in central Florida that is felt across the country. The number of patents has increased by over 70% in the past ten years and our local University ranks in the top 30 patent applications in the world.

And we also loved the description that Keith Landry gives us: a system that helps companies understand and present huge amounts of data, and in turn show them how to work more efficiently. That’s why we’re, as Landry pointed out, at the forefront of the big data analytics industry.

That idea is at the heart of VisualCue, and isn’t that something worth protecting?

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