Kerry Gilger, VisualCue’s CEO, talks about the value of data storytelling and what makes VisualCue so unique.

At VisualCue, there’s a question we get all the time, and it goes something like this: “so… what is VisualCue?”

Understandable. We realize that this is an extremely unique way to interact with information, and it’s not something everyone is familiar with.

No one is better at answering that question than Kerry Gilger, the founder and Chief Executive officer of VisualCue.

First of all, he begins by answering the question that should have been asked. According to Gilger, “what makes VisualCue unique is the ability to bring data together with images.”

This simple sentence lies at the heart of what VisualCue is. A data visualization platform focused on operations management might be incredibly descriptive, but it doesn’t describe the core of the solution. For that, you have to look at the value derived from transforming data into intuitive pictures.

Gilger explains that “it’s all about data consumption: how can we consume data from multiple, disparate systems into a single system.” By translating operational events, people, processes or assets into easy to understand icons anyone, regardless of training or background, can consume that data easily and gain valuable insight from the mountains of information businesses today produce.

Now that you know what it is, we hope you’ll want to learn more about how VisualCue can change the way you work by visiting our features page or requesting a free demo to see exactly how VisualCue fits in your world.