If you ever get the chance, come to Orlando for our Monday lunch meetings at the VisualCue offices. Walk in and you’ll find a bunch of people sitting around a table talking excitedly, gesturing wildly, scribbling on pieces of paper.

With that in mind we are proud to unveil VisualCue 2.5, full of new features and improved functionality. We will be updating our servers over the long weekend, so look for the following changes to go live by Monday July 6th.

Viewer Role
Share the love with even more people using VisualCue’s new Viewer Role. Viewers can view Mosaics and have access to group and sort functions but can’t edit data, filters or a Mosaic’s settings. Think of it as “VisualCue Light.”

Apply and modify cue thresholds right from the main screen without having to navigate through Mosaic builder. Great for making quick adjustments on the fly and have fun seeing all the colors change. I know we did.

Do you spend hours trying to find the right Tile you created ages ago that would fit perfectly with a set of data but can’t find it in all the thousands of Tiles you created just for fun? We now support the ability to organize Tiles by category to make searching easier.

Text Layers
For when a picture just won’t do it. Bring in text directly from your data and display it on a Tile in any view, not just Mosaic.

VisualCue’s Google Data Adapter now uses OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication.

Tile Builder
Building complex Tiles with lots of colors can take a long time to save. To reassure you that the Tile is, in fact, saving and has not been lost to the digital ether Tile Builder now tells you what it’s doing while it’s saving.

Image Placeholder
We now support inserting an image directly into a Tile- be it an employee photo or picture of an asset. While in the Tile Builder choose “Image Placeholder” and position it wherever you want the image to be and it will be there when you save the Mosaic.

We hunted down and squashed any bugs we could find and made the whole system run smoother. For example, Maps and Mosaics are no longer fighting and play much more nicely together now.

Keep checking The Cue for more product updates coming soon!

Until next time,

The VisualCrew