VisualCue: Secret Weapon

In businesses where it’s been implemented, VisualCue is a powerful tool for change. As such, many of our most well-known clients don’t want to broadcast the tool giving them an edge over the competition.

VisualCue has become, essentially, a secret weapon. While we’re really proud of that, it also means we can’t always directly talk about our clients and their experiences.

The other day, one of these clients shared with us some of the amazing results they’ve seen since implementing VisualCue just a short while ago, and the amazing return on investment they project to achieve. And while any business benefits from VisualCue, this was a particularly large one and their results were, accordingly, just plain impressive.

We’d love to share all the details with you, but our word is our bond. Well, technically our contract is our bond but we take it seriously nonetheless.

So here, without getting into specifics, is the story of a delivery company.

The Mystery Client’s Case

They had challenges. Anybody involved in logistics might recognize them: drivers deviated from prescribed routes resulting in late deliveries. Inventory wasn’t loaded onto the trucks correctly and drivers ran out of product before the end of their route. There was also no way for drivers to share inventory between nearby trucks and many opportunities to sell more product were lost.

They implemented VisualCue and designed a Tile around each of their drivers with each key performance indicator represented in a picture that updates in real time. The Tiles are displayed on a map that shows where every driver is throughout the day and the status of their inventory.

They found that VisualCue was so easy for both their drivers and management to understand they started seeing results immediately.

[ut_alert] ~$548,000 in Management Savings [/ut_alert]

With VisualCue in place, drivers and management can intuitively see exactly what should be on each truck and can more easily share inventory between them: no checklist or spreadsheet required. Within a year, they expect to save ~$548,000 thanks to this more streamlined management style.

[ut_alert] ~$552,000 in Overtime Savings [/ut_alert]

The Tiles our client created used color as a threshold indicator to immediately tell a driver whether they were on or off of their prescribed route. As a result, drivers have been consistently staying on their route. This translates into ~$552,000 a year in overtime savings.

[ut_alert] ~$237,000 in Mileage Savings [/ut_alert]

Not only were drivers staying on their routes and delivering their products faster, but they were using shorter routes as well. This translated into significantly reduced mileage on the vehicles, saving our client ~$237,000 a year.

[ut_alert] ~$1.3 Million a Year in Total Savings [/ut_alert]

That’s ~1.3 million a year saved with VisualCue, after the cost of implementing the system. And that’s just the immediate benefits we can see right now.

The Job’s a Game

Our ingenious client found other applications for the technology. What they’ve done with dynamic thresholds is particularly impressive.

Thresholds are performance limits on key performance indicators (KPIs) that management sets to let everyone know how they’re doing. When the data dips below the prescribed threshold, the corresponding icon (or visual cue) in the Tile changes color. This allows anyone to quickly and intuitively know how they’re performing on what matters most.

A VisualCue mosaic with spotlight panel
A transparent, easy to understand visual language

Our client used this color threshold system to make a game out of exceptional performance. They used a simple stoplight pattern of red, yellow and green to represent poor, average and excellent performance. These colors update in real time and drivers will compete with each other throughout the day to see who can “go green,” meaning that all of the icons relating to their key performance indicators are in the green.

Should a particular KPI slip below expectations the driver immediately knows where they need to focus to improve and can make tactical course corrections while they still matter.

Should a driver end their day with a predominantly yellow or red Tile, management uses that to track the driver’s activities and help them make better decisions tomorrow.

Our client shared this information with us to tell us how happy they were with VisualCue, and it gave us a shot in the arm we thought we’d share with you.

To learn more, visit our science page and discover how VisualCue allows anyone to gain such amazing value or explore the features and find out what VisualCue can do.

To see it work for yourself, request a free demo. They’re quick, personalized and the best way to find out exactly what VisualCue can do for you.

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