Recently, the VisualCrew had the opportunity to visit a large hospitality company located in Nashville, Tennessee that has been using VisualCue to improve their sales and marketing.

We went there with a simple goal: to see our product in the wild and understand how people were using it. We had hoped to use that information to make improvements and see how we could do what we do better.

When we got to Nashville we were absolutely astounded with the amazing things the people there were doing and the results they were seeing with VisualCue.

So we thought we’d share.

The Situation

These insights come from a single branch of this rather large enterprise. The particular group we spoke with is part of a VisualCue pilot program to test the technology before a widespread implementation. At the time of the interviews they had been using VisualCue for a few weeks.

Specifically, they are using it as a sales and marketing tool to help them better manage their everyday sales activities. To find out exactly what sort of impact VisualCue had on the business, we asked the managers and employees some questions about what their day to day business life was like before VisualCue and what it’s like now that they have had the system in place.


The Results

Over the next two days, our film crew was guided around the entire operation, asking questions and finding out just what VisualCue has done.

One of the first interviews we conducted was with their general manager. When we asked him how VisualCue has impacted his business, he said:

“There is so much about this program that enables us to make decisions on the spot. It’s as if the data was alive.”

We were, needless to say, pretty ecstatic. That is exactly what we were going for- a way of looking at data that brought it to life and make making fast, informed decisions easier.

While we were happy to see that we had succeeded in our main mission, they discovered other aspects of the product that we hadn’t anticipated.

When we spoke with their operations manager, she noted:

“With [VisualCue] there is no paperwork: everything is right in front of us… it’s definitely a better customer service experience.”

It’s not that the employees didn’t have the information they needed before VisualCue- they did. It was just in reams of paper  they had to dig through for every customer.

VisualCue helped them cut down on all of that paper by consolidating the data and presenting it in a format that the employees could understand immediately. The real-time, actionable insight provided by changing the language of data lead to a better customer service experience, and we couldn’t be happier.

Until next time,

The VisualCrew