High-Performance Churn Reduction for Saas Companies and Salesforce Users

VisualCue’s award-winning churn reduction platform has an application specially designed to improve your company’s performance with Salesforce.

Our patented technology shows you the details on every account, opportunity, at-risk scenario, and task without sacrificing the big picture. We provide tools that empower your organization with the real-time data needed to meet customer’s needs.

Sales Performance Platform Built for Salesforce Users

VisualCue’s award-winning sales performance platform has an application specifically designed to improve your team’s performance with Salesforce.

Our patented technology shows you the details on every account, representative, opportunity, lead and task without sacrificing the big picture. This empowers your team with the real-time data they need to improve their performance.

How Much Can It Increase Revenue?

To see how much of an improvement your business can expect use our VisualCue for Salesforce Benefit Calculator.


How Much Can It Increase Revenue?

To see how much of an improvement your business can expect use our VisualCue for Salesforce Benefit Calculator.


How Does VisualCue for Salesforce Reduce Churn?

Simple- we display intuitive data visualizations with Tiles to represent vital Key Performance Indicators and drive performance improvements.

Tiles present your information in a way that instantly brings forward your most essential data so your team can focus on which clients or accounts need the most attention. With VisualCue you can better understand who is ready for an upsell, who is showing signs of leaving, and who needs contacting.

By meeting customer’s needs, your team capitalizes on more opportunities resulting in a reduction of churn and an increase in revenue.


of leaders think an engagement strategy effects success, yet only 25% have a strategy in place


of employees think it’s important for their team to address engagement problems


of future revenue for a SaaS providers come from 20% of your current subscribers


of companies see customer experience as a key factor in driving retention and loyalty

How Does VisualCue “Enable” My Team?

VisualCue for Salesforce delivers the actionable details which, up to now, have been buried in your reports. Using VisualCue to reduce churn leads to more data-driven actions. More importantly, our platform puts that intelligence into the hands of your team so they can start making smarter decisions to improve the company’s bottom line immediately.

Sales Cloud

Tailored insight into Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, Sales Reps and Activities give your team the intelligence they need to make smart decisions and keep your pipeline healthy. No more missed chances.

Marketing Cloud

VisualCue gathers all the information from Marketing Cloud and shows you the patterns between metrics. This allows you to make smarter decisions and focus your energy on fruitful activities.

Service Cloud

VisualCue is a real-time platform that uses intuitive colors and shapes to signal your agents and managers when a support ticket is in excellent, fair, or critical condition. No more tickets slipping through the cracks.

How Does VisualCue Motivate My Sales Team?

By turning sales performance into a game. Gamification only works when all the players know the rules and where they stand. Not only does VisualCue provide your team with this information, we take it a step further to show them exactly what they need to do to reach the top and stay there.

Gamification not only engages your agents and representatives, it drives performance at every level of your organization. Once a team member sees exactly what KPIs they need to improve on in order to reach the top you have empowered them with the tools they need to be a top contender.

What are Tiles?
VisualCue for Salesforce Tiles

What are Tiles?

Tiles are a dynamic 1:1 visual representation of each object you are trying to measure in Salesforce. These can include leads, opportunities, campaigns, tickets, etc. Each metric for a given Tile is represented by a colored icon so that everyone easily knows immediately when a metric is underperforming. The status of each metric is then combined to show an unmistakable indicator of overall performance.

See your Salesforce data like never before


Every Tile gathers dozens of reports on key performance indicators and translates them into visual icons. Put hundreds of Tiles on a single screen and you can literally see your data in real time.


VisualCue puts data into context- and you can’t see context without history. VisualCue’s calendar feature lets you look back in time to easily spot larger trends over weeks, months and years. Let’s see a dashboard do that.


Spreadsheets are so… lame. VisualCue Tiles can be grouped, sorted and filtered by any metric to quickly find out how your business is connected.


This might come as a shock- but data has to live somewhere, and it’s not a database. Your data is streaming from locations, trucks and phones all day every day. VisualCue’s maps feature gives your team the ability to see how location affects the information.

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