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Reduce your churn. Increase your revenue. Celebrate!

Spreadsheets Visualized

Monitor your business in real-time to better understand what’s hiding between the countless columns and rows.

Know Who Needs Attention

Identify opportunities, instantly track multiple KPI’s, see which customers need extra attention, and who’s satisfied.

Reduce Your Churn

Less churn leads to more revenue. Reduce your churn rate by understanding and meeting your customer’s needs.

Cost Reducing Insights

Apply solutions to your business to fix small issues before they become significant problems costing your business money.

Real-Time Data Feedback

Track and respond to all of your most important metrics as they are reported in real-time to meet your customer’s needs.

Smoother Operations

See the bottlenecks in your organization and identify who and what is keeping your group from realizing your customer’s success.

The beauty of the VisualCue tile.

Sorting through data is daunting. Sorting through masses of data is even worse. By using visual tiles, key indicators can be expressed in real-time and allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your company. All it takes is a glance.

The tiles are a means of helping you quickly manage and measure the heartbeat of your company, be it employees, clientele, subscriber base or anything else that can be measured. See the value of your customers with the data you’ve been collecting all along.

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Twig Logistics Network

VisualCue named #1 in disrupter technologies - FORRESTER, 2016

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