This past weekend, we updated our platform to VisualCue 2.2

In addition to the normal housecleaning activities (fixing the bugs and making general performance upgrades) the latest and greatest version comes with plenty of user-requested upgrades and features. Here’s the rundown.

Multi-State Cues in Tile Builder

You asked for it, we delivered: multi-state Cues.

But maybe you weren’t one of those asked for it and are now wondering “what’s a multi-state cue?” Good question. Gold star for you.

At VisualCue, we use icons for a 1-to-1 representation of data. Those icons change color when the data feed passes a certain threshold (which you set.) Your eyes register those colors as changes in a pattern and snap to them immediately. This is what allows everyone to see the story so quickly.

But sometimes, color just isn’t enough. Say you’ve got a situation where something either is there or it isn’t. No other variation required.

Or, take the example below. We’ve got a student satisfaction survey with various possible outcomes.

Happy Student Tile
One student is happy
Satisfied Student
The other, less so


With Multi-State cues, you can visualize these outcomes easily. Look at the Tiles again – see how the smiley face changes? That’s a multi-state cue. It’s a great way to keep your Tiles organized and get as much detail in the Tile as you can with no wasted space.

You can add Multi-State Cues in the Tile Builder. Just add a MultiState Container to the canvas and drag and drop as many cues as you want in there. From there you can customize them just like any other cue. Select colors, add an alias and description etc… Then, you can connect the cues to thresholds just like you normally would.

VisualCue Multi-State Cues
Add multiple cues with a drag and drop interface


Calendar Event Navigation 

Everyone knows VisualCue can put your information on a calendar, showing you exactly when your data occurred down to the minute.

This worked great for organizations with high velocity data. But what about those whose data comes in once a week, or once a month? Scrolling through pages of empty calendar dates looking for the next event can be, to say the least, excruciatingly tedious and supremely annoying. Especially when, in your haste to get to the next event, you scroll absentmindedly and miss something completely.

event navigation
Jump between events in Calendar view. Never miss a beat.


So we’ve added an event navigation feature to the calendar. Now you can jump from event to event no matter how far apart they are. Feel the thrill of time travel as you breeze through years of data in moments.

Single URL

We like to keep things simple. Simple generally means the most efficient, so it works out. In that spirit, you can now sign into all of your instances in one browser with just your email address.

Just head to for access. Occam and his trusty razor would be proud.

Of course there is more to explore in this release, but those are the highlights. If you are a current VisualCue customer the changes are already live- login and give them a try!

If you’re not, we’ve got a 14 day free trial waiting just for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update or want to let us know what you’d like us to work on next, subscribe to our newsletter or reach out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and let’s talk.

Till next time,

The VisualCrew