The VisualCrew

Allow us to introduce ourselves

VisualCue is a new idea. New ideas attract visionary people who are excited by potential. That’s what brought this core team together in the first place: the promise of something amazing. It’s what kept the team together from our first customer to now. And the promise of what VisualCue will become in the future continues to excite us every day.

Kerry Gilger | CEO

Kerry Gilger


The story goes that one day, while looking at new wallpaper in his house, Kerry noticed tiny patterns emerge amongst the floral pattern. While wondering just how his eyes and mind had picked up so naturally something that was relatively imperceptible, Kerry thought this same power could be applied elsewhere.

It took years of study, research and planning to grow VisualCue from that first idea to the team it is today. As the Chief Executive Officer, Kerry can usually be found thinking. Thinking about what to do next, what new innovations we should build or new industries we can help.

Daniel Amato | CBDO

Daniel Amato


Our Chief Business Development Officer, Daniel studied Business at Utah Valley University before becoming a successful entrepreneur. He can usually be found eating an apple at his desk, talking and laughing with a customer.

If you’re new to VisualCue and wonder if it’s right for your business, Daniel is your guy.

When he’s not working he enjoys tennis, golf, and spending time with his wife and children.

Blaine Dawson

Blaine Dawson

Senior VP of Sales

Bob Eckles | Project Manager

Bob Eckles

Project Manager

Bob is, in one word, classic. A graduate of the Howard W. Sams Technical Institute with a degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering, Bob has been working in the data analysis industry for over 45 years. As VisualCue’s project manager, Bob is the first step to answering any question. He’s planned everything from small installations to overhauling enormous

Sign on with VisualCue and you’ll get to know Bob; he’ll be involved in making sure you get what you need when you need it.

When he’s not working Bob enjoys classic things like golf and woodworking.

Aashish Gandhi | VP of Engineering

Aashish Gandhi

VP of Engineering

What this man does with code is nothing short of magic. A graduate of Rollins College, Aashish is our Vice President of Engineering with over twenty years of
experience in system design architecture and visual analytics.

Have you ever been amazed at how fast VisualCue connects to data? That’s Aashish.

When you look at our operational intelligence platform, Aashish and his team are the ones behind the scenes making it all work smoothly. The best way to sum up Aashish is when, speaking of one of his fondest work memories, he wrote “what really got me excited was developing an editor for writing COBOL programs in the early 90s.” Enough said.

Andrei Carvalho

Art Director


Andrei is a creator, a graduate of the Pan American School of Arts in Brazil and with more than 10 years of experience in the field, able to combine his design skills with his broad product vision.

With his talent he has added to develop increasingly innovative and functional products for our customers.

The power of the Tile

Daniel Amato, Chief Business Development Officer at VisualCue, talks about how he first met the product and what it means for business.

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