We talk with Daniel Amato, Chief Business Development Officer at VisualCue, about how he first met the product and what it means for business.

Years ago, Daniel Amato had a problem. His business was inundated with data, but they had no way to consume it. They lacked the ability to see the big picture and the details that make it up.

Perhaps that’s why, when presented with the VisualCue Tile, he caught the vision and quickly became the Chief Business Development Officer in charge of finding other people who understand what VisualCue can be.

We had a chance to sit down with Daniel and talk about how he was first introduced to VisualCue. For Daniel, the real power of VisualCue lies in the Tile, what he calls “the data visualization that is unique for VisualCue.”

Put simply, Tiles present data in all of its volume, velocity and variety but do so in a way that makes it instantly consumable and understandable for everyone. Tiles translate data points into pictures anyone can understand so that we can finally get to using data rather than hunting for the story in rows and columns of numbers.

“VisualCue allows you to go deep into the details, into the weeds, of why [someone] is not performing…”

Tiles are a 1:1 representation of the assets, people or processes that are important to your business. When you see your entire operation displayed on one screen you can get the big picture along with the actionable details you can change right now. That’s the secret behind VisualCue that first captured Daniel’s attention, and it’s what keeps him excited about the promise of the technology to this day.

We are happy to have Daniel leading the team and bringing the message of VisualCue to new industries every day.