As we look outside of the windows right now in our Orlando offices the weather is sunny and clear.

But remember folks- this is Florida. That nice weather outside could turn into a massive downpour in a matter of minutes.

With weather changes that fast we (of course, seeing as it’s us) figured out that the only thing that could really help us understand the weather was a real-time data visualization.

Luckily the Internet is just teeming with them! We’ve scoured the web and found some absolutely amazing real-time weather visualizations so you can make the most out of our your summer weekend!

Real-time storms

Our first visualization comes to us courtesy of and is absolutely incredible: a real-time thunderstorm tracker.

weather data visualization
Come out Florida, we’ve got you surrounded.

What we love about this visualization in particular is the way that it filters and then presents the information in a way everyone can understand. The strikes are represented in real time and the scale of refresh rate is color coded.

The drill-down structure is also incredible. You enter the website looking at a map of the entire world, with large red and white splotches on it. But from there you can drill down into specific countries or even specific states to get a closer look at exactly where the thunderstorms are and even, in some cases, where lightning is striking at that particular moment.

Looking at it a bit closer maybe we should stay inside this weekend…


For as much as we like going into the details there is just something special in getting a bird’s eye view of the world. Literally, the entire world. That is precisely what accomplished with this amazing real-time weather visualization.

weather data visualization
Dang Arizona, get with the program

What do we love about this one in particular? Well, if you explore the left-hand panel a little bit more you will find different toggles for different weather events. This allows you to easily switch them off and on and either focus on one particular element of the data or see how they all work together.

As if that weren’t enough look more closely at the bottom of the screen and you will see a slider with a play button. The map and all of the information you are looking at is captured in real time but play around with that slider and you can see the forecasted weather days into the future all on the same map.

Not only is it a bird’s eye view of the world’s weather but also possibly the most intuitive forecasting tool around.

Until next time,

The VisualCrew