VisualCue combined with your data delivers more than just reports.It delivers operational intelligence.

If you had to quickly review your book of business,
how would you prefer to see your data?

VisualCue brings your KPIs together to show the overall health of your call center.
Get a better understanding of where your agents and managers stand.

This Is The VisualCue Tile

The tile is the foundation of VisualCue. It’s entirely customized to display the data points that matter most to our clients. Every icon in the tile represents a KPI that is tracked in real time. Understand your data with the glance of an eye and understand precisely how your team members are doing.

And This Is The Mosaic View

With the Mosaic view, you can see all agents displayed side by side in one simplified view. Organize your data and chose how you want it organized. Understand instantly which employees are outliers and which are reaching goals. Know who needs the attention of your team at the glance of an eye.

So what can VisualCue do for you and your data?

Real-time Data

Every Tile gathers dozens of reports on key performance indicators and translates them into visual icons. Put hundreds of data points on a single screen and you can literally see your data in real time.

Actionable Insights

VisualCue delivers your data with context. Know which agents need your attention and understand who needs training. Realize the trends hiding in your spreadsheets and reporting tools.

Natural User Experience

Deciphering data can be time-consuming. With little training, each team member knows where they stand. Use the mosaic view to understand your contact center’s performance.

Behavior Tracking

Unlock the potential of your data by tracking KPIs in a whole new way. Use focused and simplified data to promote increased accountability among agents and managers.

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