Okay, let's do this.

Become a partner and join the data revolution

Do you know someone who would love this?

Their name or business has probably popped into your mind already. If they end up liking VisualCue, you could earn commissions.

Just register your opportunities with VisualCue in our Partner Portal, we’ll set up the meeting and handle the implementation and on-boarding if they like what they see and you’ll earn a finder’s fee.

No financial commitments, just referrals.

An affiliate is the perfect place to start with VisualCue. Just introduce us to who you think would benefit.

If your referral ends on a sale, you will earn a one-time 5% commission. Just register them in our partner portal and briefly describe why you think VisualCue would be a good fit. After the initial introductions have been made, we’ll take it from there.

Proven effective in dozens of industries

Introducing a contact to VisualCue is easy, and makes a big difference. Businesses that implement VisualCue have seen massive savings fast.

VisualCue is a revolutionary operational intelligence data visualization platform that allows anyone, regardless of training or skillset, to see the story in their data and improve efficiency. We have successful implementations in contact centers, universities, logistics, shipping, hospitality and food service. No matter what the business, if it uses data VisualCue can help. Your friends will thank you.

Offer your clients something new

No matter what industry, VisualCue’s data visualization platform brings operational intelligence into the real world. Your clients will thank you.

VisualCue was designed to take advantage of the natural, human affinity for pattern recognition and the speed and power of sight. This unique data presentation technology has been implemented in dozens of industries with astounding results. If your client base could benefit from real-time insight into their operations, you can be a reseller.

We’re in this together

We’ll assign you a personal advisor who will provide you with all of the support, marketing collateral and selling assistance you need. With an exceptional training and certification program you’ll be completely prepared.

It starts with a training and certification program designed to teach you how to use and talk about VisualCue. Once that’s completed you are free to introduce VisualCue to your clients and show them how much value it can bring. If they like what they see you’re entitled to a 15% license fee. And thats just the start.

Deals 1-19: 15% of 1st year license fee
Deals 20+: 15% of 1st year license fee PLUS 10% for renewal year 2
*A minimum of 10 net new sign-ups per year are required to maintain this tier structure

Getting started is easy

It starts with an introduction to let us know who you are and how we can help your clients.

We’ll talk about how VisualCue can be applied in your industries and share our best practices that apply to your particular situation. Our training and certification program will help you demonstrate and implement VisualCue while access to marketing materials will provide you with a stream of new clients.

Let’s make something together

You tell us what you need for a customized, embedded VisualCue solution and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

If your product uses or generates data VisualCue can present it in a unique, intuitively consumable way anyone can understand. Our data visualization software makes actionable items immediately apparent with zero training, and with our dynamic, attractive icons it can set your product apart from the competition.

No user limits

When you partner with VisualCue you’ll receive our most aggressive discounts, giving you more freedom to use VisualCue to add more value to your offerings.

Our Tile-based, OEM pricing structure has no user limits or caps, leaving you free to mark up the solution to whatever level you like thanks to its new, increased usability and value. It’s an opportunity to expand your product while increasing its value.

We’re here, let’s talk

Getting started as an OEM is easy, just let us know who you are and how VisualCue can enhance what you do.

The beginning of an OEM relationship starts with an initial consultation where we’ll plan the future together. Just provide the requirements and the schedule and our team of data experts and designers will work with you to ensure the highest quality solution delivered on time.