On Fridays, we generally share our favorite data visualizations from the past week.

Today we’d like to break from tradition, but we have a fantastic reason for doing so.

For those who don’t know, VisualCue’s main offices are in Orlando, Florida. Lately this region has seen a huge spike in technology patent applications, and it caught the attention of local media. We were interviewed along with our patent attorneys at Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor Reed, P.A. to discuss what it means for VisualCue and the entire Central Florida region.

It all started when news anchor and field reporter Keith Landry of Fox 35 reached out to our attorneys in reference to a story about the increasing number of technology patent applications in Central Florida. When Landry asked them if they had a good case study on the benefits of patents, VisualCue came to mind and they asked us to participate.

And it makes sense- we’ve been awarded and are currently working through numerous patents and are at the front of a booming big data technology sector.

In the days leading up to the interview the whole VisualCrew had a chance to think about what our technology and patents really mean. And we’re glad we took that time to reflect, as early Tuesday afternoon Landry, a camera crew and representatives from our attorneys all gathered at the VisualCue offices for a discussion about what patents are and why they are so important to the Central Florida region.

Keith Landry and Kerry Gilger
Keith Landry and Kerry Gilger

It all came down to protecting a unique idea. And VisualCue’s approach to data is utterly unique. We use icons to represent key performance indicators and business entities, colors to reflect management’s expectations, best practices or benchmarks and are currently working on a patent for a slew of other technologies that make finding the actionable intelligence hidden in data easier than ever before.

We felt this was an idea worth protecting, especially considering that other business intelligence companies claim they are at the forefront of data discovery while offering up the same tired methods for analysis and consumption that have been used for hundreds of years. Our visualization platform is something truly fresh and we’ve worked for years to make it ready for the public, and all that work is definitely something worth protecting.

As far as what it patent technology applications mean for the future of the region, we think Branden Elwell (Senior VP of Sales) put it best when he said “Just ask the people in Austin what they think.” He was right- with Dell headquarters and the original home of the massive SXSW conference technology has done amazing things for the city. It looks like Orlando is going to be next, and we couldn’t be happier to be at the forefront of that wave.

Keep checking VisualCue for a link to the complete story once it airs!

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