As 2015 comes to close, the VisualCrew thought it would be a great opportunity to taking this opportunity to turn our sights towards the horizon and take a look at some of the exciting new innovations coming to VisualCue.

To tell us about these new features we spoke with Aashish Gandhi, our very own development wizard, who told us about what he is most looking forward to in VisualCue for the new year.


When we asked Aashish which project he and his team were most excited about, the first thing he mentioned was VisualCue Widgets.

Put simply (explaining complicated code in a way everyone can understand is something Aashish excels at) “VisualCue Widgets will allow software developers to embed the functionality of VisualCue within their own third-party applications.”

We asked him why this particular project got him excited and he mentioned that it was the next logical step in the overall goal of VisualCue as he saw it

We are trying to basically bring the power of data to everyone in an organization so they can understand what they are looking at.

And when we thought about it, he is absolutely right. If the whole purpose of VisualCue is to empower anyone, regardless of their training, with immediate insight and understanding into even the most complex data sets what better way than to embed VisualCue right into an existing data platform?

The VisualCue Widget will make VisualCue accessible to more people than ever before, and is a huge step forward in our mission to bring advanced data analytics to everyone.

It Never Stops

There are plenty of other innovations coming from VisualCue in 2016. For example, according to Gandhi “by early-to-mid 2016 we’ll see VisualCue in augmented reality.” We’ve spoken about how such an application would be the future of data visualization, and Aashish and his team are just the people to make it happen.

In fact, they might be the busiest group of people on the planet. Between developing widgets, augmented reality, CRM applications and giving VisualCue mobile a complete UI upgrade it’s amazing he had any time to speak with us at all.

But according to Gandhi, that’s the way he likes it. He has been with VisualCue since the beginning, and he notes that “we came up with this cool technology, and we could have stopped. But we didn’t.”

Since it’s first iteration VisualCue has gone through dozens of refinements, it’s a living, breathing program that we are constantly improving to make any data we visualize even easier to understand. Not only has VisualCue has committed itself to a regular update schedule, but Aashish and his team keep churning out fresh ideas on how to bring data visualization into the future.

The constant innovation, that is the power of our company.

We couldn’t agree more, Aashish. Keep checking The Cue and we’ll keep you aware of the updates as soon as his team rolls them out.

Until next time,

The VisualCrew