In spite of all the research that’s out there (we’ve mentioned it here and here in case you missed it) that says data visualization and cloud-based analytics software is a sound investment and can lead to massive savings at an organization, we still get this question a lot.

“What kind of value can I expect to see when I implement VisualCue?”

And you know, in retrospect, it’s a fair question. VisualCue is, at it’s core, a presentation layer. How can changing the way you look at data lead to any significant value?

I mean, it’s not like we’re actually changing the data itself, VisualCue just gives you a new way to look at it, right? We’ve found that it’s actually a bit more than that. Let us explain by taking a look at what some organizations who have implemented VisualCue have done. For contractual privacy purposes we’ll keep their names out of it.

The Delivery Company

We wrote about this one a while ago, but it’s still an incredibly powerful example of the kind of value that comes when you change the way you look at the data your business is generating.

here’s a recap of their case: drivers deviated from prescribed routes resulting in late deliveries, inventory wasn’t loaded onto the trucks correctly and drivers ran out of product before the end of their route and there was also no way for drivers to share inventory between nearby trucks and many opportunities to sell more product were lost.

To help solve these problems they implemented VisualCue. Suddenly both drivers and management could intuitively see the state of each truck in real-time thanks to VisualCue’s transparent visual language. As a result driver’s were able to stay on their routes leading to faster deliveries and fewer miles while managers were able to better manage their inventories.

The result?

Savings ~$1.3 million

A delivery company gains insight into each truck.
A delivery company gains insight into each truck.

The Contact Center

If there is an industry that can see immediate value from implementing VisualCue. it’s the contact center. High turnover, enormous call volume and fitting all that data into an overarching, enterprise-level CRM can be a nightmare. That’s the situation we walked into when a large banking contact center wanted to optimize their operations.

When they implemented VisualCue the results were astounding. Not only could management intuitively see which of their agents were underperforming, they could see which ones were doing really well and use them to train the others.

But they did something else that really turned their operation around: they put the real-time VisualCue feed on large monitors on their sales floor where every agent could see them update throughout the day. The result? Healthy competition to be the best, informed by seeing exactly which key performance indicators they needed to work on in order to improve.

The result?

A 22% increase in sales

The VisualCue Platform
A contact center can immediately see all their agents

The Sales and Marketing Solution

This is one of our newest implementations and we couldn’t be more proud. The challenges this organization faced were certainly nothing new, but they were no less difficult to address. Clients had to be entered into the system and their numerous interactions with sales staff tracked over long periods of time. Multiple touch points and forms had to be filled out every step of the way before closing, and one misstep could lead to negative reviews and missed opportunities. Reams of paper and disparate databases just weren’t getting the job done as efficiently as it could be.

With VisualCue in place this team is able to see dramatic improvement not only in tracking their sales cycle but in customer relations as well. Management is able to see, at a glance, which customers are on-track and which haven’t been contacted in time. With real-time updates they are able to assign their resources more effectively, win more opportunities and have more satisfied customers and staff.

This organization is in the middle of a nationwide rollout, but based on those locations that are already using the system they project massive gains. How massive?

Into the tens of millions

Multiple touch points are monitored in real time
Multiple touch points are monitored in real time

VisualCue Facilitates a Change in Management Style

In each of the examples above it wasn’t that data visualization did something magical to an organization, the pattern is clear. By gaining immediate insight into the operational details of a business VisualCue facilitated (or necessitated) a change in management style.  That change has been called lots of things, “plugged-in management” etc…, but in the end it all boils down to the same thing: a management style founded on transparency and driven by real-time data.

When management can look at their operation and see every data point, at once, patterns emerge which allow them to create customized training and pinpoint strategic improvement opportunities.

When business is driven by clear, actionable data the road to improving the people, processes and assets that make up your organization becomes clear. You just don’t get that clear, actionable data that this new type of management depends on with a dashboard or traditional data visualization.

With VisualCue everyone knows what they can do to improve. Intuitive data visualization empowers everyone, regardless of training, to make those improvements. And when businesses are more efficient, they save time and money.

That’s what drives improvement: a simple, yet powerful, way of looking at data that changes the way an organization runs.

Until next time,

The VisualCrew