Halloween. Whether you plan on going to a party or taking the family trick-or-treating, anyone can appreciate the fun of celebrating the world’s spookiest holiday!

Here at the VisualCue offices we were getting into the spirit of things and debating how best to celebrate.

We all agreed to do it in true VisualCue fashion: data! So we’ve gathered the best Halloween data visualizations from around the Internet to celebrate.

thought the best way for us to Can data be spooky? Let’s find out!

Your All Around Resource

From the history of the day to party and food ideas, UK-based Halloweenhub has all the content you need to make the day great!

What do we love about this data visualization in particular? In their Social Buzz section they look for Halloween-themed tweets and display the in real-time on a world map! It would appear that the East Coast of the United States and pretty much all of Great Britain are really gearing up for the holiday.

Whenever someone takes real-time data and plots it on a map we get chills, and not the scary kind either!

See Halloween buzz around the world!
See Halloween buzz around the world!

But what about a costume?

It’s arguably the most iconic and fun part of Halloween; everyone, from adults to kids, gets to dress up and pretend to be someone else for an evening!

But with that opportunity comes all sorts of questions- chief among them being the fear of impending social awkwardness when you arrive at a party with the same costume as five other people.

Our pals at Google have you covered! This visualization shows you the most popular costumes in your city so you can either blend in or stand out from the crowd!

We're happy to see our home town of Orlando!
We’re happy to see our home town of Orlando!

No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, we all wish you safe and fun Halloween!


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