Last week, we encouraged everyone to get out and explore quirky local businesses over the weekend.

Well, we’ve got another suggestion for you. It still involves getting out there, but this time we’re talking about working up a sweat. Time to get up out of the chair and exercise!

We were inspired by this amazing website collecting exercise data from all the world.

Get Moving

This week’s data visualization comes to use from Strava Insights.

What they did was gather data from millions of runners and cyclists and put the data into one amazing experience.

Exercise data from around the world
Exercise data from around the world

There is plenty that we can learn from this amazing site. First, they present their data in a visually intuitive and interactive way- just choose a mode of exercise (walking or running) and then pick a city to see its data.

For example, within moments we learned that while Los Angelians had shorter to bike to work they were actually slower than New Yorkers, who on average had longer to go and got there faster. Perhaps a nod to the ‘restless’ nature of the East, or the laid-back culture of the West?

No matter how you choose to exercise this site can give you some inspiration in knowing that you’re not alone- millions of others around the world are doing the same thing!

Until next time,

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