A few weeks ago, we encouraged you pull up a quiet corner booth and dream big. This week, we thought it’d be nice to see business who did just that, and succeeded, all in one incredible chart.

This weekend’s data visualization is a highly interactive look at businesses that made it so you can be inspired!

Growth Spurts

It comes to us courtesy of inc.com. What they’ve done is taken a look at companies over a wide variety of industries and plotted their three-year growth on this chart.

Watch them grow
Watch them grow

While usually we shy away from anything chart or graph related this one was just too good to pass up. We loved it for a couple of reasons, first being the ‘guided tour’ aspect of it. Just clicking the play button showed you how the basics and gave you some highlights from the data itself.

It’s also easier to understand than your average chart. The combination of colors and shapes plotted along an axis made what you were looking at easy to understand.

There is also a very handy drill-down mechanic. Just hover your mouse over any circle and see which company it represents with more specifics about their business (not unlike our own Tool Tips.)

Finally, we love the faceted search technology. Like our own approach to visualization, this chart starts off giving you every single data point. You can then narrow your search results by industry, state, or year founded. In VisualCue you can narrow by any key performance indicator and status you like, but the fact remains: faceted searches are just easier to use.

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