VisualCue was built on the belief that anyone, regardless of their training or experience, should be able to use data to its fullest potential. It’s called data transparency, and it informs everything we do as an organization.

And when we say anyone, we mean it.

This holiday season we thought that if anyone can gain actionable insights from VisualCue, why not arguably the busiest demographic in the world at this time of year?

Santa, if you’re reading this we hope you’ll take these performance profiles on three of your elves and use it to improve your operation. Our Christmas gift to you!


As with anything at VisualCue, it begins with a Tile: a one-to-one representation of data in pictures with dynamic colors representing management thresholds. The Tile we’ve created for the elves has  all of the metrics necessary to improve any elf’s performance- an indication of their holiday cheer, toy-making production and total time in the workshop. The large icon in the middle is an overall representation of that particular elf’s performance based on the metrics below.

Now that we know what the Tile is, let’s take a look at Eggnog- one of our favorite elves. Notice how his toy-making production icon is blue? That means he is doing really, really well: arguably the best toy maker in the business.


But that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Here are some of his Tiles from the summer.


Notice a pattern? We wondered why Eggnog was particularly low on holiday cheer during those summer months. But I’m sure he can improve that- a Cheer Compliance report can stay on your record for years.


What can we say about Tinsel- she’s a model employee.


But with VisualCue, we can see that she excels in two areas in particular- holiday cheer and being on time to the workshop. Now that you know just how great she is in these areas you can leverage those strengths in an elf training program.


Snowball is the rookie of the workshop, and he has a ways to go to get up to speed.


Fortunately, thanks to VisualCue, we know exactly where he needs to focus in order to become an awesome elf. As a matter of fact, we even know which resource would be ideal to train him in these particular aspects…

Did you notice anything we left out? How else could these assets be improved, or what insights did you gain? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Happy holidays!

The VisualCrew