We believe that one of the most important elements in any effective data visualization is transparency- the ability to effectively communicate the actionable intelligence in a data set to everyone who interacts with the visualization, not just those trained in advanced data analysis techniques.

To that end, we have created a visual language that anyone, regardless of training, is able to understand. By translating key performance indicators into iconic pictures with corresponding, recognizable colors we are able to present data in a context that makes sense to everyone.

Tom Villani of Information Builders
Tom Villani of Information Builders

And luckily, our supporters have noticed. Tom Villani of Information Builders said “The wonderful thing about VisualCue is that anyone, who may not be trained in any kind of technology, can easily and immediately intellectually understand what a VisualCue Tile represents.”

As Villani pointed out, the end goal of VisualCue and what should be the ultimate purpose of any effective data visualization is providing an immediate understanding into the data at hand without prior training.

At VisualCue, we’re committed to a vision of the future based around this principle- if everyone, regardless of their experience working with data, could use it to perform better at anything they do the potential for growth and improvement in all facets of business and life is unlimited. That’s the data revolution that is in the works, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

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