If you’re anything like us you’re probably pretty tired after the events of last weekend. Between the Halloween parties and trick-or-treating you’re probably ready for a quiet weekend at home.

We’ve got you covered! We scoured the internet for some of the best data visualizations so you can plan out a perfect relaxing weekend at home!

Book, or movie?

The first step in planning your weekend is which medium to choose: will you head to a bookstore and pick up that page-turner you’ve been eyeing or will you grab some popcorn and settle in for a flick?

Why not do both? There are plenty of great novels and short stories that have been adapted for the screen, but these come with their own sets questions. Namely that age-old debate of which is better: the book, or the movie?

Our first data visualization comes to us from Vocativ and attempts to answer that question once and for all!

Vocativ went to numerous online sources and used a simple method to determine which was better: the book, or the movie that came after it? We’ll let their visualization speak for itself.

The Vocativ team makes the pattern clear
The Vocativ team makes the pattern clear

The message is pretty clear- when it comes to adaptations, you’re best bet is to stick with the original!

But we love this visualization for more than its take on a perennial debate. Head over to their original posting and they detail not only what their results were, but exactly how they went about gathering and analyzing the data. By the way, the score for each story is based on the ratings that hundreds of users gave it on IMDB and Goodreads, respectively.

So if you’re planning on staying in with a good book this weekend, they have some great places to start!

Movies at a  Glance

But what if you just can’t resist grabbing some popcorn and settling in for a great movie? Nothing wrong with that, but why not add a little flavor to your viewing experience courtesy of this visualization from Frederic Brodbeck- an absolutely amazing site that analyzes movies and breaks the entire film down into intuitive, dynamic visualizations.

Can you spot the intense aerial battles?
Can you spot the intense aerial battles?

What you are seeing is the entire movie, scene by scene, with individual segments moving faster when there is more action on the screen. The result is a beautiful, colorful overview of an entire film. Just take a look at the Top Gun visualization above- visit the site and you’ll see that the scenes in blue are the amazing aerial battles! And while we definitely endorse watching any movie from start to finish, you can see how a visualization such as this would make it a lot easier to skip to the exciting parts!

But there’s another reason why we love Brodbeck’s “cinemetrics” project- he links to a supplementary site which details exactly what it is and how he does it. He takes the data from an average DVD and then breaks it down by scene, with options to compare groups of movies or filter by director.

No matter what you choose to do this weekend we hope it’s a great one!


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