Ah, summer. Just thinking about it conjures up thoughts of popsicles, sports, freshly-cut grass and, of course, the family vacation. Around the VisualCue offices this week we have been talking about where this summer will find us. Some of us are staying close to home and visiting family while others are taking time to go a bit further afield.

Of course, as soon as we thought about where we wanted to go on vacation we immediately started finding some data about foreign and domestic travel and were, as usual, amazed with what we found.

So before you pack those bags for your summer getaway take a few minutes and check out some summer travel data.

Stay Safe Out There

Our first visualization was designed by Louis Doré of The Independent. This interactive map shows where it is safe and unsafe to travel this summer.

travel data visualization
The world is looking pretty safe!

The thing we love about this map, from a data visualization standpoint, is that it has found a way to present both granular and high-level information in a clear way at the same time. Just looking at this map you understand from the simple green, orange and red color scheme where it is safe and unsafe to travel. In case you were wondering the legend goes that if a country is in green you can travel to any part, in orange you should only travel to some parts and should pretty much avoid any part of the countries in red for the time being.

But that is just the high-level overview. If you were curious as to exactly why a country is colored the way that it is then you can simply hover your mouse over it and see exactly where the data came from that informed the decision and find out more about the situation in that country.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Adventure In Your Own Backyard

But, of course, you don’t need to travel to far-off, distant lands to get your excitement. Turns out there are plenty of amazing places to go right here in your own country! Just check out this map courtesy of Time-

travel data visualization
More people visit Temple Square than the Grand Canyon…

Much like the previous map that showed where it was dangerous to travel this map gives you a lot of information in an easily consumable way. Each state is color coded by the number of visitors it receives- from purple all the way down to green.

While the color code is certainly handy what we love most about it is how the most popular attraction in the state is listed right on the state itself with the number of visitors it gets per year. No surprise that VisualCue’s home state of Florida has Disney World with 17,063,000 visitors a year, but we were surprised that the Mall of America gets over 40,000,000 visits a year, with Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip coming in close behind.

And we know that if you are anything like us it usually means that you haven’t even seen the biggest attraction in your home state yet. So this summer why not head down the street and see the thing your state is most famous for. You might discover something incredible right around the corner!

Until next time,

The VisualCrew