On January 27th, 2016 we celebrated Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 260th birthday. Widely considered to be the world’s greatest musical treasure, we spent the day listening to his beautiful symphonies while we worked.

Something about listening to classical music makes any activity appear beautiful, noble and portentous.

So we decided to celebrate Mozart’s birthday with a special Friday data visualization special focused on music!

Seeing the Music

One of the things we love about data visualization is how versatile a tool it can be. It can offer you new insights into something you hadn’t even thought to explore, or it can simply lead you to a deeper appreciation of something you already knew.

Take this first visualization for instance. A clever YouTuber took raw musical data in the form of notes and instruments for Mozart sonatas and concertos and visualized that information in a series of videos.

Does such an approach to music give us any new insight? Somewhat. The fact that the creator carefully notes the different instruments with different colors and shapes is fairly intuitive, and you can definitely see how Mozart favors the strings in this particular piece.

But that is actually not what drew us to this particular visualization. While listening to music can certainly help you appreciate Mozart’s talent, there is something to be said for seeing the notes and instruments on the screen. For those of us who are more visual than auditory learners this opens up the world of music in a new way.

This visualization also gets high marks for being one of the single most relaxing ways that data has ever been used.

Dissecting the Beatles

But say that classical music isn’t your thing. We get it, it’s not for everyone. But just about everybody can agree on possibly the greatest (or at least most popular) band of all time. Of course we’re talking about The Beatles.

And with such great popularity naturally comes a slew of amazing insights into their work. Of all the options out there we prefer this amazing visualization brought to us by duelingdata.com.

Beatles Data Visualization
Look at all those chart toppers

A more traditional data visualization, this one just begs to be explored while listening to everyone’s favorite Liverpudlians.

The thing we love most about it is not only does it give us a list of their hits during their most prolific period but it goes on to discover which songwriting team was the best (turns out it’s Lennon and McCartney when working together) and even analyzes the words in their songs.

While perhaps not as soothing as the Mozart this visualization is still incredibly fun to explore. Where else would you discover that songs with more unique words in them were generally not hits, while those focusing on love with simple lyrics almost always got listeners excited.

No matter what brand of music you listen to everyone here at VisualCue wishes you a happy weekend filled with good times and even better tunes!

Until next time,

The VisualCrew