VisualCue 2.7 Release Notes

It’s one of those skills that no one seems to fully appreciate and yet could solve so many problems: listening. If everyone could listen, truly listen, to each other and learn from each other just imagine what we could accomplish.

What does this have to do with a data visualization and analysis platform like VisualCue?

Plenty. Because VisualCue is a platform we are constantly shaping, changing, evolving and improving the formula to make your VisualCue experience better and provide the single best analysis tool we can.

How do we know what to change and what to improve on? Simple- we listened to you. Here are the changes you requested that you will see in VisualCue 2.7- coming June 30th.

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Coming Soon From VisualCue

VisualCue is a data visualization platform: any strides we make in operational intelligence, analytics or plugged-in management come as a direct result of seeing your data in a new way.

And make no mistake: our Tiles, Mosaics and Cues are definitely a new way to look at data. Dynamic icons and colors representing thresholds and KPIs grouped in Tiles which are then placed on maps or diagrams is as far removed from a bar chart as moth is from an eagle.

And with any new technology, there is always lots of development and constant refinement to make it the best it can be.

To that end we have an entire team of talented software developers and data specialists constantly working to make VisualCue even more amazing. Today we’re happy to give you a sneak peek at some of the most impressive updates and new features we have coming to VisualCue in our latest 2.7 release.

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The Future of DataViz- Augmented Reality

A few weeks ago a couple of small cardboard boxes found their way in to the VisualCue offices. We work in an open, bullpen style environment so naturally when one of us figured out what the cardboard boxes were for we naturally all wanted to try it.

Turns out it was a very simple virtual reality device using your average smartphone and some simple lenses to transport the viewer to various places around the world (and solar system- visiting Mars was amazing.)

But it sparked a new wave of discussion around the office regarding our own development and progress in bringing data visualization to life with these nascent technologies, so we thought we’d share them with you.
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VisualCue releases version 2.6

We believe in the promise of data visualization. The promise that through innovative ways to present data a powerful visualization can make information more accessible and actionable to anyone who wants to use it.

With every new version of VisualCue we take steps to make data more accessible and actionable, making the story in your data emerge even faster so anyone can know exactly what they need to do to improve.

In version 2.6 we’ve made a number of improvements ourselves.

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VisualCue Update 2.5

If you ever get the chance, come to Orlando for our Monday lunch meetings at the VisualCue offices. Walk in and you’ll find a bunch of people sitting around a table talking excitedly, gesturing wildly, scribbling on pieces of paper.

With that in mind we are proud to unveil VisualCue 2.5, full of new features and improved functionality. We will be updating our servers over the long weekend, so look for the following changes to go live by Monday July 6th.

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multi-state cue

VisualCue 2.2

This past weekend, we updated our platform to VisualCue 2.2

In addition to the normal housecleaning activities (fixing the bugs and making general performance upgrades) the latest and greatest version comes with plenty of user-requested upgrades and features. Here’s the rundown.

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