What is Real-Time Operational Intelligence?

What is Real-Time Operational Intelligence?

Real-time operational intelligence allows a business to transform a significant amount of data into information that is actionable and accessible at all times and across all devices within the organization.

With its capability for real-time operational intelligence, VisualCue can turn large amounts of data into easy to understand and actionable information. It is capable of integrating different parts of the existing infrastructure and pulling data from various sources. It can also help your employees to understand and share information more efficiently.

Business Intelligence vs. Operational Intelligence

Imagine you have left on a cross-country road trip and you are headed down the road as the driver. You can use your rear-view mirror to see where you have come from and refer to your map for the overall goal of the trip. Traveling like this will work but will not help make decisions about when to stop for gas, when to take a different route due to traffic or adjust your estimated time of arrival based on weather. This is kinda like using business intelligence which has to do with analyzing data that has been collected and looking at where you have been to decide where you are going based on historical data. It is beneficial for specific scenarios, but not all.

Using the tools on the dashboard of the car as well as the view out the front window, you can better understand how your car is performing like how much gas you have, which blinkers and lights are turned on, how heavy the traffic is, or the weather on the horizon. These are all things you need to know as they are happening in order to be safe as you travel. This is what is it like to use operational intelligence in your business. OI takes in data as it is being collected and combines trends with historical data to help with better decision making in-the-moment. Real-time operational intelligence offers the most benefit in scenarios where decisions and actions are needed quickly or in real-time.

Benefits of Real-Time Operational Intelligence in Contact Centers

  • Real-time operational intelligence can help the contact center to know if they fall behind in performance according to specific key performance indicators
  • It provides the necessary information in an organized fashion and conveniently, either on a monitor, tablet or phone
  • It allows the managers to remotely monitor employees in real time without having to be there physically
  • Managers and employees can set alarms for when specific thresholds in their key performance indicators have been passed to react in time

Here at VisualCue, we have applied this to numerous clients and seen the power of processing large data sets in real-time. Some of the most successful clients have been government contracts, contact centers with hundreds of agents, logistical planning and delivery, and groups within the hospitality industry. As mentioned earlier, the benefits of real-time operational intelligence shine in environments where decisions and adjustments need to be made at a quicker pace. This is why real-time operational intelligence is valuable to the contact center space.