Get moving with DataViz

Last week, we encouraged everyone to get out and explore quirky local businesses over the weekend.

Well, we’ve got another suggestion for you. It still involves getting out there, but this time we’re talking about working up a sweat. Time to get up out of the chair and exercise!

We were inspired by this amazing website collecting exercise data from all the world.

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Grab a booth and get inspired with VisualCue!

Last week, we invited you to get out there and  discover some unique businesses in your area. Well, this week we’re feeling both adventurous and studious. Essentially we feel like going to a cozy spot and dreaming big. We’ve got data visualizations to help you do just that!

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Need a weekend idea? Data to the rescue!

We here at the VisualCrew love data visualizations. We love them because we think when they are used creatively they can open up the world of data to  everyone. They make information accessible, and that is a powerful thing.

Stop by the VisualCue office on any given day and you’ll see us passing around our favorite visualizations we’ve found across the internet. We’re always looking for visualizations that are out of the box- something that goes beyond the dashboard into something more unique and, through it’s creativity, meaningful.

Data visualizations can be so good that they can even give you an idea of what to do with a weekend! We’ve gathered some examples of data visualizations that you can use to get inspiration for your day off plans.

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data visualization

Population visualization sheds new light on cramped spaces

Question: In the morning, in those golden moments after you’ve woken but before you really start the day, which website do you head to first?

I know many out there will likely point to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin but it’s a standing testament to how much we love data visualization here at VisualCue that usually we look at something like r/dataisbeautiful on Reddit or

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a globe with wind patters for data visualization

Why on earth should we care about data visualization?

Why should we care indeed. Rows and columns of numbers have done just fine for humanity’s data visualization needs for hundreds of years, why change now?

Simple. Because rows and columns (or pie charts and bar graphs for that matter) are not easily consumed or comprehended. That’s because there’s an added layer of abstraction in those methods. The real data is being generated and then it’s being translated into this foreign language that bears no resemblance to the real thing and only a handful of analysts are qualified to interpret and get any sort of meaningful insight from.

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