The one on one meeting between a sales rep and manager is arguably one of the most dreaded interactions that both parties will endure during their week. Whatever the cadence is, weekly, monthly, quarterly, it can never come and go fast enough. The biggest reason that this is such a frowned upon meeting is due to the fact that there is almost always a disconnect or miscommunication between manager and direct report, on the data they are reviewing. These meetings many times can be counter productive, and quite frankly, demoralizing.

As many Salesforce users are aware, SFDC data can paint an incomplete picture at times. As a manager, reading report after report, the numbers can start to run together. Many times during a meeting, one of you were on the wrong page, or maybe you were looking under the wrong rep. After 5-10 minutes of confusion, there is the “Ah ha” moment when you realize that you were not talking about the same thing.

As a sales leader, wouldn’t you like to see an end to this? There is a very simple solution. Visually presenting individual sales rep data can not only put an end to the disconnect in a one on one, but you can judge the health of a sales reps performance, without having to even leave the same interface. Using VisualCue for Salesforce, you can view your entire team, an individual rep, and dive into every opportunity and lead they are working on. Using a tool like VisualCue not only creates a way to discard time wasting meetings, but it also provides a way to get accurate SFDC data without running reports or creating graphs and charts.

Having an accurate and simple to use Sales Performance Management (SPM) tool can be the difference between hitting your pipeline goals and coming up just short. VisualCue not only offers you a way to accurately keep your most precious SFDC data top of mind, but every member of the sales organization can use the tool. With a user friendly UI, and single sign on capability, the days of jumping from report to report while directing sales data are over.

VisualCue is creating a new way to see data, and turning it into an actionable insight to ultimately drive your sales and marketing initiatives. VisualCue allows you to judge the health of an opportunity, and track every KPI within your sales organization without ever running a single report. If you are ready to stop relying on clunky reports, and cumbersome methods of tracking, its time to look at VisualCue.

Take a look at our brief video:

Below are examples of Tiles you would be able to interact with as a VisualCue user. Each Tile is able to take you directly to the associated page within Salesforce, allowing you to instantly pull up an opportunity, lead or object without ever running a report again.