The Power of Presentation

If you’ve seen our introductory video or read our philosophy page you’ll notice we often say VisualCue is “powered by sight.” We spend a lot of time talking about the speed and power of the eyes and brain to decode and comprehend images.

It’s because our entire approach to data visualization and operational intelligence is centered on the presentation of information. It’s our firm belief that data is useless unless it can be easily consumed, understood and acted upon. There are dozens of data transformation tools out there to clean up your data (and we connect to the vast majority of them, just see our new data connections section) no tools have made any great innovations in presentation. It was a huge missed opportunity, because recent discoveries prove there is amazing power in your eyes.

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VisualCue Update 2.5

If you ever get the chance, come to Orlando for our Monday lunch meetings at the VisualCue offices. Walk in and you’ll find a bunch of people sitting around a table talking excitedly, gesturing wildly, scribbling on pieces of paper.

With that in mind we are proud to unveil VisualCue 2.5, full of new features and improved functionality. We will be updating our servers over the long weekend, so look for the following changes to go live by Monday July 6th.

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VisualCue saves logistics company $1.3M

VisualCue: Secret Weapon

In businesses where it’s been implemented, VisualCue is a powerful tool for change. As such, many of our most well-known clients don’t want to broadcast the tool giving them an edge over the competition.

VisualCue has become, essentially, a secret weapon. While we’re really proud of that, it also means we can’t always directly talk about our clients and their experiences.

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VisualCue's Data Storytelling

Kerry Gilger, VisualCue’s CEO, talks about the value of data storytelling and what makes VisualCue so unique.

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a globe with wind patters for data visualization

Why on earth should we care about data visualization?

Why should we care indeed. Rows and columns of numbers have done just fine for humanity’s data visualization needs for hundreds of years, why change now?

Simple. Because rows and columns (or pie charts and bar graphs for that matter) are not easily consumed or comprehended. That’s because there’s an added layer of abstraction in those methods. The real data is being generated and then it’s being translated into this foreign language that bears no resemblance to the real thing and only a handful of analysts are qualified to interpret and get any sort of meaningful insight from.

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Tile Background

The Power of the Tile

We talk with Daniel Amato, Chief Business Development Officer at VisualCue, about how he first met the product and what it means for business.

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LA Data Visualization

Our Top 5 Visualizations for Cuesday

At VisualCue, we love data visualization; it’s our entire world. We live, breath, eat, sleep, and occasionally dream about it.

As such, it’s not uncommon for The VisualCrew (that’s what we call ourselves, t-shirts and hats are in the offing) to pass around our favorite visualizations we’ve stumbled across.

We figured it would be a shame to let all of this amazing work go unnoticed so we decided to share the top 5 visualizations that have intrigued and inspired us with you!

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Senior VP of Sales

Branden Elwell becomes Senior VP of Sales at VisualCue

We’ve spent months interviewing amazing people, trying to find the right person to bring VisualCue to those businesses where we can do the most good.

Well, the search is over.

The first thing you notice when you meet Branden is the energy. It’s infectious. It’s an excited feeling that  has you leaning forward in your chair, elbows on your knees, foot bouncing excitedly. Within a moment you feel as though you’ve been friends for years and are ready to take on the world together.

That’s the kind of mentality you want in your new Senior VP of Sales. Branden came aboard with the VisualCrew this week and I had the opportunity to talk with him about his experiences and what he wants to accomplish as part of the Crew.

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The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Katsushika Hokusai

The Problem with Data Visualization: Old Ships.

So-called modern data visualization software isn’t anything of the kind. They use outdated methods and are inadequate to the task of providing immediate, valuable insight into the new world of data.

Vannevar Bush
Vannevar Bush

He’s one of those people who seems to have faded, unjustly, into historical obscurity. But Vannevar Bush was perhaps one of the most important figures of the 20th century. He began the long collaboration between government, industry and academia that has led to some of the greatest inventions and breakthroughs of the modern age. Digital circuits and the atomic bomb are just two results from his work.

In 1945, he published an article in The Atlantic Monthly called “As We May Think.” Some say it was this article that inspired a young Ted Nelson (or Doug Engelbart, depending on who you read) with the idea for the hyperlink, an innovation that irrevocably changed the world.Read more

multi-state cue

VisualCue 2.2

This past weekend, we updated our platform to VisualCue 2.2

In addition to the normal housecleaning activities (fixing the bugs and making general performance upgrades) the latest and greatest version comes with plenty of user-requested upgrades and features. Here’s the rundown.

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