The Language of Data

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how recent research has clocked the human brain at 13 milliseconds. That’s the amount of time it takes for the eyes to take in an image and the brain to decode it into something meaningful.

A long time ago, we wrote about how higher functions operate in that same time frame- all under a second.

Well, that got us thinking about something pretty important: the whole point of what we do around here at VisualCue. What is our approach to technology and why did we choose to focus on data visualization in the first place?

And it all comes down to this- we are creating a new language for data. And changing your language can change how you look at the world.

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VisualCue in Action

Recently, the VisualCrew had the opportunity to visit a large hospitality company located in Nashville, Tennessee that has been using VisualCue to improve their sales and marketing.

We went there with a simple goal: to see our product in the wild and understand how people were using it. We had hoped to use that information to make improvements and see how we could do what we do better.

When we got to Nashville we were absolutely astounded with the amazing things the people there were doing and the results they were seeing with VisualCue.

So we thought we’d share.

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