Thanksgiving By The Numbers: 3 Easy Steps

As we look around the VisualCue offices here in Orlando, Florida on the day before Thanksgiving you can definitely tell everyone is getting ready for the holiday. The foodstuffs are being prepared and the plane tickets have been bought.

All of this holiday planning has definitely put us in the mood to celebrate- and how does VisualCue celebrate anything?

With data visualizations, of course! Those beautiful combinations of art and science that give us special insight into just about anything we would want to research. In the end we just love learning new things, and data visualization is the fastest way to do that.

This year, we’ve found different visualizations from around the Internet to help you make the most out of your holiday in three easy steps!

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VisualCue for Contact Centers

Contact centers have been some of our most successful implementations. And with good reason- their multiple feeds of streaming data all happen in real time, but the tools contact centers use to visualize and analyze those streams are inadequate.

Why? Because the data was coming into spreadsheets, which then got turned into charts and graphs the next day. And that’s the key point: the next day.

Contact centers are busy places- their data happens in real time, so should their analysis.

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Solving the Data Mystery

Let’s face it, sometimes data can be a mystery. If you run any sort of business venture, educational institution or anything that requires people, processes or assets then you know what we mean. Hidden somewhere, in all of the spreadsheets, charts, and graphs is the insight you need to improve.

The problem is finding the insight- cutting through the noise until you find that one actionable item you need to work on.

At times, it seems that the only person who can find that one piece of information buried in a mountain of innocuous details is a detective. The world’s greatest detective, actually!

This week to celebrate data visualization we are shedding light on the mystery with a brilliant set of visualizations dedicated to literature’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes!

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Data Storytelling with Visual Phrases

According to new research by Mohammad Amin Sadeghi et al, the way we interact with the world might be simpler than we think. Their research focuses on intermediate composites between objects and scenes, what they call “visual phrases” such as “person riding a horse” or “dog on a couch” that help a machine recognize situations faster than seeing them as “person” and “horse” or “couch” and “dog” individually and then putting the pieces together.

What we are fascinated by, naturally, are the implications for the world of data storytelling with visualizations that show data in context.

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Powered by Sight

We recently stumbled across an article by Slawek Wolski entitled “Visualize your Data.” In that article he brings out a number of worthwhile, if not slightly sobering, points.

Mainly that of the over 2.8 zettabytes of data (estimated) that the human race has generated so far, only 0.5% of it is being analyzed.

This fact is sobering because it has dire implications: that we are generating more data than we can use and we are missing out on innumerable opportunities for improvement simply because we cannot analyze all of this data fast enough.

Luckily, Wolski has a solution that we couldn’t agree with more: use the power of sight to visualize data in real time.

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Storms of Data

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! We celebrate all things relating to data visualization. And since it’s almost the weekend, we thought we would share some of our favorite visualizations that should help you figure out if the weather will be kind to your big weekend plans!

So get out the umbrellas (or the sunscreen, you never can tell), this week we’re talking about the weather!

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How VisualCue Brings Value

In spite of all the research that’s out there (we’ve mentioned it here and here in case you missed it) that says data visualization and cloud-based analytics software is a sound investment and can lead to massive savings at an organization, we still get this question a lot.

“What kind of value can I expect to see when I implement VisualCue?”

And you know, in retrospect, it’s a fair question. VisualCue is, at it’s core, a presentation layer. How can changing the way you look at data lead to any significant value?

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Coming Soon from VisualCue

Exciting things are happening at VisualCue. While these changes are still in development they were just so amazing we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Here are some of the updates you can look forward to in the near future from VisualCue!

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DataViz goes to the movies

If you’re anything like us you’re probably pretty tired after the events of last weekend. Between the Halloween parties and trick-or-treating you’re probably ready for a quiet weekend at home.

We’ve got you covered! We scoured the internet for some of the best data visualizations so you can plan out a perfect relaxing weekend at home!

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Visualizing the Internet of Things.

Whenever we hear about the Internet of Things it’s always the same- a grand future of connected devices that will allow you to manage your business and personal life with more convenience and efficiency than ever before.

But in all the grandiose promises we see something missing, something that no one’s really talking about- with all of the data the Internet of Things is supposed to generate, how are we going to consume it?

Are we going to visualize the real-time, streaming information from hundreds of devices in pie charts on our phones? Will we all be staring at rows and columns of data trying to discover how we can best cut down our electric bills? Will the data be aggregated, or will it live in silos?

The Internet of Things is coming, and it’s time we thought about what we’re going to do with it.

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