What are VisualCue Samples?

Recently we unveiled our latest product update, VisualCue 2.6. This update brought lots of new features and functionality to VisualCue, the most impressive being a new way to search through the Tiles in your Mosaic Perspective to more easily find just those Tiles you’re looking for.

To introduce the world to 2.6 and give everyone a chance to play around with the system we created VisualCue Samples, an easy way to play around with VisualCue and check out all that the new version has to offer.

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5 Tips & Tricks for using VisualCue

VisualCue is a new way to look at your operations. Our unique approach to data visualization takes hundreds of data points and key performance indicators surrounding your people, processes and assets and gathers them all into intuitive pictures and colors for fast, easy consumption.

But VisualCue is more than just data visualization, it can do so much more. So whether you’re a long-time user or just signed up for a VisualCue Sample, these tips and tricks can help you get the most out of VisualCue.

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VisualCue releases version 2.6

We believe in the promise of data visualization. The promise that through innovative ways to present data a powerful visualization can make information more accessible and actionable to anyone who wants to use it.

With every new version of VisualCue we take steps to make data more accessible and actionable, making the story in your data emerge even faster so anyone can know exactly what they need to do to improve.

In version 2.6 we’ve made a number of improvements ourselves.

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