VisualCue saves logistics company $1.3M

VisualCue: Secret Weapon

In businesses where it’s been implemented, VisualCue is a powerful tool for change. As such, many of our most well-known clients don’t want to broadcast the tool giving them an edge over the competition.

VisualCue has become, essentially, a secret weapon. While we’re really proud of that, it also means we can’t always directly talk about our clients and their experiences.

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VisualCue's Data Storytelling

Kerry Gilger, VisualCue’s CEO, talks about the value of data storytelling and what makes VisualCue so unique.

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a globe with wind patters for data visualization

Why on earth should we care about data visualization?

Why should we care indeed. Rows and columns of numbers have done just fine for humanity’s data visualization needs for hundreds of years, why change now?

Simple. Because rows and columns (or pie charts and bar graphs for that matter) are not easily consumed or comprehended. That’s because there’s an added layer of abstraction in those methods. The real data is being generated and then it’s being translated into this foreign language that bears no resemblance to the real thing and only a handful of analysts are qualified to interpret and get any sort of meaningful insight from.

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Tile Background

The Power of the Tile

We talk with Daniel Amato, Chief Business Development Officer at VisualCue, about how he first met the product and what it means for business.

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LA Data Visualization

Our Top 5 Visualizations for Cuesday

At VisualCue, we love data visualization; it’s our entire world. We live, breath, eat, sleep, and occasionally dream about it.

As such, it’s not uncommon for The VisualCrew (that’s what we call ourselves, t-shirts and hats are in the offing) to pass around our favorite visualizations we’ve stumbled across.

We figured it would be a shame to let all of this amazing work go unnoticed so we decided to share the top 5 visualizations that have intrigued and inspired us with you!

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