VisualCue for Fleet Management

Finally, Easy and Effective Activity Monitoring

How much time do you spend running reports trying to connect the dots to see exactly how your fleet is operating? VisualCue for Fleet Management consolidates every report in one easy-to-use visualization updated in real time.

VisualCue’s dynamic design shows you the overall score based on key performance indicators for every truck/asset in your fleet on the same screen at the same time. Our visual design helps you spot areas that need your attention most in the blink of an eye- then visually drill down on the same screen to find out exactly how to take action.

With VisualCue on your side you have the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Put your driver’s information into VisualCue and you will have everything you need to better monitor individual driver performance.

Finally, Easy and Effective Activity Monitoring

Now everyone can see the big picture

Now everyone can see the big picture | Fleet Management Tiles

VisualCue’s icons and colors make even the most complex data sets accessible and actionable to anyone. Display every truck, asset, and driver so that you know exactly which areas of the organization need attention.