VisualCue for Salesforce takes your retail data and turns it into insights you can actually use.

What Does VisualCue Add to My Salesforce?

An analytic engine and presentation layer that makes all the difference when it comes to improving the efficiency of your retail sales.

When VisualCue for Salesforce starts working on your Salesforce retail data you will start to see immediate improvements in performance across all levels of your business. Our customized, real-time data visualizations enable your entire team to see the big picture without losing the details, empowering your employees with the data they need to drive success.

Can VisualCue Increase My Retail Revenue?

Absolutely, and it starts with changing the way you are using the resources you already have. VisualCue for Salesforce enables your team to make smarter, more informed decisions.

We do it by gathering all the data from across your Salesforce platform; that means every touchpoint from customer intelligence, sales trends, marketing and other sources. VisualCue for Salesforce then analyzes and presents the data in a way your entire team can understand and use to spot trends and make smarter decisions that allow them to capitalize on every opportunity. With performance like this, an increase in revenue is inevitable.

How Does VisualCue for Salesforce Improve My Retail Performance?

By combining the real-time data your Salesforce is collecting with a presentation layer that makes seeing the patterns, trends and trouble easier than ever.

When you use Salesforce for your retail business your customers, websites and sales platforms across devices are constantly generating data. Hidden within this data are the big-picture items like key insights about buying trends, employee efficiency and conversion rates you need to succeed. But within the big picture are also the smaller, day-to-day details of which stores are succeeding, which products are selling faster and which employees are not performing. With VisualCue for Salesforce you see all of this data in real-time and, thanks to our unique presentation layer, in a way that makes it easy to see and improve performance.