VisualCue Version Release Notes

3.1 - Feature Upgrades

  • Users can now see the connection used when pulling data from a source
  • Users can now search across multiple fields within the system
  • The tile builder tool is now fully functional with the ability to upload tiles via Adobe Illustrator
  • Users can now view Showcased Tiles within the system
  • Users can now filter results by time
  • Added a pulldown option for navigation between projects
  • Users can now use the diagram builder option
  • Added the option for agents and end-users to see benchmarks within the system
  • Enabled usability within the calendar view and tile displays
  • Enabled the ability for time controls in the timeframe panel to accept times without the user needing to type “:”
  • Added a window view for upcoming maintenances for users
  • When defining the data source, the user can now select field type of Encrypted
  • Users can now use a full-text search
  • The system now fully supports encrypted data fields
  • The user can now select current period as a macro within the timeframe

3.1 - Resolved Issues and Bug Fixes

  • We now have a pop-up for terms and conditions acceptance
  • Fixed an error which occurred when deleting and then creating a new project
  • Additions were added for usability on the criteria menu within the system
  • If an error occurs while pulling data, the system now sends an email to the user

3.0 - Feature Upgrades

  • Added different color options for menu items
  • Added clarity when selecting or setting up new projects
  • Adjusted existing labels and actions for a simpler experience
  • Added instructions for setting benchmarks
  • Enabled ability to see connection used with a Pull Data Source

3.0 - Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an error that would occur while editing set benchmarks
  • Fixed a bug that was causing images within the system to not show up for the user
  • Fixed an error that was causing certain types of data to not show on the dashboard
  • Resolved an issue between the VisualCue system and Google Spreadsheets
  • Resolved an issue caused by different separator formats within the data
  • Corrected an issue with benchmarks incorrectly displaying colors on the tile view
  • Corrected an issue with displaying sample text
  • Corrected an alignment issue dealing with the display of data filters
  • Fixed an issue with the thumbnail preview image not rendering
  • Fixed an error within the showcased tiles
  • Fixed an issue for newly registered users sometimes not getting a registration email
  • Corrected an issue regarding SSO tokens
  • Corrected an error causing the display of aggregated states  not showing within the grouping view
  • Corrected an error preventing some spotlight tiles from showing