VisualCue 2.7

You spoke. We listened.

Redesigned interface for data discovery

Our new facet search makes finding the Tiles you want easier than ever. With our new search-friendly interface you can narrow what you see in VisualCue to just those Tiles that meet your specific criteria. Group and sort by individual cues in the Tile to narrow your results and see patterns you never new existed.

A/B Switching

Easily toggle the same data between two different sets of thresholds and see exactly where you stand. Effortlessly switch from current performance to industry standard or, for an added bonus, switch between management expectations and personal team goals to see just how far you have to go.

Administration Mosaic

For all those VisualCue admins out there we’ve created an administration mosaic that’s helpful and easy to use. Know exactly who is using the system more frequently and make sure you’re getting all the value out of your implementation that you can.

Categorized data filters

We heard you: you’ve got a lot of data. One of the best ways to organize that data before VisualCue gets to it is to apply filters to see just what you want to see. With categorized data filters you can create as many as you want and organize them any way you want.

Copy/Paste Thresholds

Setting up thresholds for a new Mosaic can be a lot of work. Think about it: you’ve got at least a dozen KPIs on a single Tile, and each can have multiple states based on the Thresholds you want. To re-create all that work for every new Mosaic was a lot, so we simplified the process.

New database connectors

We’ve expanded our data connections to include Pentaho Data Integration and Information Builders.

Duplicate a Mosaic

Want to create a new Mosaic that looks a lot like, but isn’t exactly like, one you’ve already done? Just duplicate the Mosaic and make a few quick changes rather than having to go through the whole process.

And that’s not all! Log in to your VisualCue to see the rest of the improvements:

  • Data statistics in Threshold Builder
  • Ability to specify what cues will be available in facet search
  • Image layers can either be monochrome or color
  • Image layers are not hidden when the Mosaic Perspective is zoomed out
  • Tiles can be categorized
  • Specify the name of the customer and the mosaic when launching the application