Accomplish even more with the power of data analytics and visualization.

How Does VisualCue Work in a Nonprofit Environment?

Nonprofit organizations are constantly striving to do more with less. Maximizing efficiency means accomplishing more of your goals faster, and that is where nonprofits achieve the greatest success. VisualCue can help you do just that.

If your nonprofit is using Salesforce, VisualCue can help your team realize its full potential. By gathering, analyzing and visualizing all of the data your CRM is collecting VisualCue makes those mission critical steps jump off the screen, empowering your team to focus on what matters most in real time.

Can VisualCue Help me Grow My Nonprofit?

Yes, by providing the insights you need to focus on only the most fruitful channels for donations and resources.

VisualCue seamlessly connects with Salesforce and analyzes the data so you don’t have to. With VisualCue and Salesforce combined you can not only see how much you are spending on which marketing channels to raise resources but discover, instantly, which of those channels is the highest producing. This allows your team to make smarter decisions and use the resources you have more efficiently.

How Else Can VisualCue Help My Nonprofit?

By providing better communication and a clearer picture of your overall goals, driven by data.

VisualCue for Salesforce is the most intuitive way to see your entire data ecosystem in one visualization without losing the smaller details that make up the actionable intelligence. VisualCue presents these layers of intelligence in a way that is easy to understand, turning your entire team into data experts with no training required. Our platform updates data in real time and visualizes just the most important changes, empowering your team to make smarter decisions and meet your goals faster than ever before.