VisualCue for Salesforce takes the guesswork out of subscriber trends.

How Does VisualCue Work in a Media Environment?

By presenting customer and client data in a way that everyone on your team can use to improve the performance of lead generation, sales, and customer service.

Your Salesforce CRM is gathering mountains of data on leads, sales and customer service, but afterwards it sits in reports that can be confusing and un-intuitive, meaning that your team is missing out on the important insights hidden within. VisualCue for Salesforce takes that data and transforms it into a format your team can use, no extra training required. This means more efficient lead generation, sales representatives and customer service.

How Does VisualCue Identify Media Trends?

Using an advanced analytics engine and the most intuitive, engaging visualization techniques available today VisualCue for Salesforce enables your team to spot the patterns in media trends faster than ever before.

It’s all in how VisualCue presents the data your CRM collects. The platform uses graphic representations of industry KPI’s that change color in real-time to signify status changes. This intuitive presentation method enables your team to visually analyze Salesforce data and spot the trends within your subscriber pool faster than any other method. It’s the power of advanced analytics in a fraction of the time.

What Value Does VisualCue Add to Salesforce?

By gathering and visually representing all of your Salesforce data VisualCue helps your team unlock the true value of the world’s largest CRM.

Enabling your sales team with the right tools will create more meaningful customer relationships, drive customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams. Know where every subscriber came from so you can tailor your marketing budget to the most successful sources. See trends in customer data to know what products are excelling and which are floundering. Analyze your service representatives to identify best practices and tailor training- you can do all this and more with VisualCue.