Intuitive Visualizations for the Entire Manufacturing Process.

How Does VisualCue Add Value to Salesforce for Manufacturing?

By giving you a single source for all of your information and reporting: with VisualCue for Salesforce you see every step of your manufacturing process with real-time status updates.

This information gives you the ability to see the bigger picture in your manufacturing without losing the actionable details. This makes it easier than ever to spot patterns in your process and make lasting, meaningful performance improvements. And in a world where IoT is exponentially increasing the amount of data poring in to your system a visualization solution that filters out the noise can be an invaluable addition to your business.

How Can VisualCue Improve My Field Service Agents?

By giving them a complete picture of the service call before they solve the problem. This ensures that they fix the entire problem and reach 100% customer satisfaction every time.

With VisualCue for Salesforce your field service agents will be completely prepared for every visit they make. With the customer’s complete history at their fingertips in a way they can intuitively understand they are set up for success, ensuring that not only is each service call efficient but also reducing the likelihood of repeat visits.

How Does VisualCue Improve Manufacturing?

VisualCue offers an advanced data visualization and analytics engine not found anywhere in Salesforce. These powerful tools enable your team to improve sales, generate more leads and drive customer satisfaction.

It’s all because with VisualCue the power of your CRM data is finally unlocked. Powerful analytics are just the beginning: our unique presentation layer makes the actionable intelligence jump off the screen, enabling your sales representatives, service agents and marketing teams to make smarter decisions and improve their performance no matter what their role.