Healthcare & Life Sciences

VisualCue for Salesforce takes your healthcare & Life Sciences to the next level.

How does VisualCue work with Salesforce for Healthcare & Life Sciences?

By taking the data that your Salesforce platform is already gathering and presenting it in a more intuitive way that shows everyone on your team the big picture without losing the details.

Healthcare is becoming an increasingly data-driven community. Salesforce for Healthcare & Life Sciences gathers the data, but their analytics and presentation layers leave many healthcare professionals and patients confused. VisualCue for Salesforce transforms that data into intelligence anyone in your community can use. It’s the fastest way for clearer patient communication and management.

Why Should I Use VisualCue’s Data Analytics in my Healthcare Community?

Because there are better ways to care for patients, manage research, lead teams and make performance improvements right at your fingertips- you just need a way to see them.

If you are using Salesforce for Healthcare or Life Sciences industries then you are already gathering large amounts of data that could be used to improve every aspect of your organization. Odds are, however, that you are not seeing the full benefit of that Salesforce investment because the actionable intelligence is hidden under an un-intuitive, complicated layer of charts, graphs and reports. VisualCue for Salesforce changes all that.

Does VisualCue for Salesforce Actually Work In A Healthcare Environment?

Yes, we already have a number of successful applications working in hospitals and healthcare communities around the globe. Our success is a result of presenting data the right way.

Your patients, members and staff are not data analysis experts. Their industry and care is being converted to a data industry at an ever-increasing rate and yet to expect them to analyze mountains of data on top of the important work of caring for patients is frankly too much. VisualCue takes the mental burden of analyzing Salesforce data and translates that information into a presentation layer everyone can understand: no training required.