Real-time Operational Intelligencefor Contact Centers

VisualCue’s dynamic design shows you the overall score of every agent in your organization based on key performance indicators set by you. Our patented visual design technology helps you spot those who need attention in the blink of an eye. Know in an instant who needs help and what they need training on.

How much time do you spend running reports trying to connect the dots to see exactly how your contact center is operating? VisualCue for Contact Centers consolidates every report in one easy-to-use visualization updated in real time. With our patented technology, understand in an instant the health of your organization.

With VisualCue for contact centers, your team can fire on all cylinders as group leaders and contact agents are empowered with the ability to monitor and self-improve their output. Put your customer’s information into VisualCue and your contact center team has everything they need for faster resolutions and happier clients.

Focused, Accountable, Simple, Transparent

VisualCue’s icons and colors make even the most complex data sets accessible and actionable to anyone on your call center team. With our patented visual display technology you can give every agent and manager the information they need to know how they’re doing and exactly which key performance indicator they need work. Promote accountability through transparency with easy to understand data sets.

What can VisualCue do for your contact center?

Run a more efficient operation with real-time data

Reduce manager’s workload from hours to minutes

Easy to understand data visualization

Provide training to reach expectations

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