Financial Services

VisualCue for Salesforce works with all channels in the Salesforce Financial Services sector.

How does VisualCue provide added value for Financial Services?

Because with VisualCue you are able to cut through the noise of complicated financial data and focus on those accounts with the most opportunities for improvement.

Whether it’s wealth management, banking, insurance or the capital markets, whenever you use Salesforce for financial services VisualCue is there to help you cut through the noise of your financial data and enable your team to perform at their very best. VisualCue allows you to use your Salesforce at peak efficiency.

Can VisualCue Increase my Financial Services Revenue?

Yes, by enabling your team with the information they need to capitalize on every possible opportunity no matter which financial industry they are working with.

VisualCue transforms your Salesforce reports and data streams into actionable intelligence your team can actually use to analyze and improve on their own performance. That’s why VisualCue is a performance enablement platform: we help your team achieve their full potential. With VisualCue’s easy-to-understand visualizations at their side you can make sure that your team knows exactly which opportunity to focus on.

What does VisualCue Offer That Salesforce Doesn’t?

An analytic engine more sophisticated and intuitive than anything Salesforce has to offer. Salesforce gathers the data, then VisualCue helps you use it more efficiently.

If you are using Salesforce for Financial Services then you are already gathering all of the raw data you need to succeed in the industry. However, you are only halfway to truly setting yourself apart from the competition. You need a smarter way to use that data in real time, and that’s where VisualCue comes in. VisualCue for Salesforce works with all the data in your Financial Services Salesforce to deliver clear, actionable insights.