Ditch the spreadsheet

There is so much more you can do


VisualCue consolidates all the reports relating to the people, processes and assets that make up your business and puts them into a 1:1 visual representation called a Tile. Rather than try to fit over a dozen spreadsheets onto a single square the system transforms those reports into icons called cues. Each cue has thresholds: limits set by management or industry-wide standards. When the data for a particular report passes a threshold the icon changes color.


For every person, process or asset in your business, each one gets a Tile. Groups of related Tiles are called Mosaics- every report in your business gathered on one screen. When you look at a VisualCue Mosaic you are literally looking at all of the important data you have. And, thanks to our unique visual presentation layer drawing your eyes to exactly where you need to be focusing you are able to intuitively consume all of that information in the blink of an eye.

How does it work?

Still wondering exactly how VisualCue improves performance? This quick video helps to explain the details behind the technology.

Create your own

Create your own | Tile Builder

No two businesses are alike. With Tile Builder you can design a visualization perfect for your organization in a simple drag-and-drop interface. With thousands of cues to choose from and more being added every day, Tile Builder enables you to explore and perfect your Tile to get the most value.

Look through time | Calendar View

Look through time

Tiles and Mosaics give you context- they let you actually see how different aspects of your business are related to each other. But seeing your data in context would be incomplete without a historical perspective. VisualCue comes with a Calendar feature that lets you explore how your business is performing over time so you can make smarter decisions for the future.

It has to live somewhere | Diagram View

It has to live somewhere

But data in context has one more dimension that everyone else seems to forget about: it has to come from somewhere. As the Internet of Things and streaming data picks up steam more and more of your data is coming from a physical location. With VisualCue’s map feature you can see where your data is coming from in real time, either on a map of your factory floor or the world at large.