With VisualCue for Salesforce the perfect customer service experience is within reach.

What Does VisualCue Add to My Communications?

When the modern customer calls your business for service, sales or support they expect seamless support across all communication channels, a fast, courteous experience and they want their problem solved the first time every time.

VisualCue for Salesforce empowers your sales and service agents with the information they need to communicate clearly, effectively and to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their experience every time. VisualCue enables your communication team with the information they need to engage with customers on a more professional level and distinguish your business from the competition.

How Does My Team Use VisualCue to Communicate?

Every customer has a VisualCue Tile associated with them that contains every Key Performance Indicator from Salesforce. These KPI’s are graphically represented with real-time changes in color to signify changes in the status of each.

Presenting data in this way improves your communication with customers due to the ease of access to important customer data. No longer will your team have to put a customer on hold while they look through a file or profile searching for the right information to help the client. VisualCue’s visualization and analytics tools put the important data in the right place at the right time.

What Else Can VisualCue Do To Improve Communications?

VisualCue can also be used to promote effective communications practices across your organization, revolutionizing your approach to training and recruitment.

VisualCue does more than track every KPI for every customer in your database- it seamlessly integrates that information with every sales and service representative so management can quickly identify patterns in customer communication. If management notices that one group of employees is consistently achieving higher ratings than the others they can easily see which KPIs in particular they are excelling at and use that information to improve performance across all teams.