Now that’s something everyone can enjoy

Data visualization for every role in your organization

Everyone needs information

That’s why it should be shared- when organizations work from a single source of truth decisions can be made with confidence. The kind of confidence you can’t get from a dozen different reports that took hours to generate. With VisualCue everyone from the C-Suite to the operational employee knows what is happening, where they stand and what they can do to improve.

Everyone needs information | C-Levels


VisualCue means clear, effective communication so you can always know what’s going on without having to spend hours wading through spreadsheets. The unique visual interface lets you actually see your business and instantly know what’s happening every step of the way. It’s everything you need to make the best strategic decisions and guide your business.

Everyone needs information | Managers


We feel your pain: you’ve got pressure to run your team the best way possible to get results. You need to provide your team with honest, valuable direction and the C-levels with the data they need to strategize. The answers lie in the data your department is already collecting, but they’re lost in a sea of spreadsheets. With VisualCue you can actually see your team in a new way and make smart decisions to improve fast- no more pulling hours of reports.

Everyone needs information | Operations


There you are at the business end of the organization- you’re the one making the sale, shipping the box or driving the truck. You’ve got a responsibility to do your job well, though sometimes it’s hard to know whether or not you are meeting, exceeding or failing management’s expectations- that gives anyone anxiety. With VisualCue you can see, at a glance, exactly what you need to do to improve and know you’re performing at your peak.

Gaming the system

Gaming the system | Gamification

We don’t mean cheating, though it feels like that sometimes. VisualCue is so easy to use and understand that you can use it to make improving the performance of every level of your industry a game. When managers or operational employees see exactly how they and their teams compare to their peers they can make their own smart decisions on how to get to the top of the heap and stay there. Now that’s a game everyone can enjoy.