VisualCue for Salesforce transforms your team into data experts

How Does VisualCue Work in Automotive Sales?

By gathering all of the data in your Salesforce ecosystem and presenting it in a way that allows everyone on your team to see the big picture without losing actionable details.

VisualCue for Salesforce enables your team with the information they need to ensure that the customer experience is perfect every single time. Our advanced analytics and presentation engines transform Salesforce data into easily understood icons your team can use to ensure that every customer is moving through the pipeline quickly and efficiently. This means more sales, faster.

How Can VisualCue Add Automotive Sales?

Our analytics and visualizations make the most profitable lead sources with the highest conversion rates jump off the screen, allowing management to make smarter decisions and put more qualified leads in the funnel.

Today’s automotive sales floor takes place online, on tablets, smartphones and computer screens. Your customers are living on these channels, producing leads. However, not all of them are created equal. With VisualCue for Salesforce your team can actually see which channels are producing the most qualified leads. This enables them to improve performance by focusing on the most fruitful sources, revolutionizing the way you do business.

Is VisualCue Just About Sales?

Not at all. VisualCue for Salesforce analyzes and visualizes all of the data that goes into Salesforce, not matter where it comes from.

This means that with VisualCue you can not just revolutionize sales and marketing but customer service and any other aspect of your organization that gathers data in your CRM. VisualCue breaks down each of these segments into intuitive visualizations that drive performance improvements at every level.