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We've combined the science of visual language and the art of design in a single data visualization tool. The result couldn't be better.



Augment your Abilities

VisualCue was designed around you. By transforming complex data points into iconic pictures we can harness your natural ability for pattern recognition and make data analytics intuitive. It’s a visualization tool for everyone.

We put years of research into the VisualCue platform to make it the fastest, most powerful real-time operational intelligence tool out there. It’s how you were always meant to see information.


Interactive Visualizations

Explore data in different views, customizable to any industry. Let your imagination run with transparent, creative data visualization technology: no analyst required.

Change the Way You Work

VisualCue is big data analysis in real-time. See the story in your data as it unfolds and make decisions that matter. Don’t like what you see? You’ve got the power to change it right away.

Powerful Connections

Plug in a database, spreadsheet or report and watch VisualCue work. Go from confusing charts to inspired design in minutes.


Try it out for free

We’re not ashamed to admit it: we’re proud of VisualCue. So proud that we want everyone to try it right now. Click here for your free trial and start seeing the power of icons.

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You can adapt. So can we.

The great thing about VisualCue’s icons? Completely customizable. Come see our solutions for call centers, logistics and business process management.



To stay alive, you have to sell. To do well, you have to sell a lot. Sales tools and CRMs do a great job of producing tons of information, but they still use outdated ways of visualizing and analyzing it. VisualCue is here to help with complete solutions that answer the right questions at the right time.

Business Process Management

The best businesses have processes in place- and why not; they help everyone do a better job. But to do all that they were designed to everyone needs to know the process and how they’re doing. VisualCue has designed intuitive data visualizations that make your processes easy to understand and help your assets be even better.


Managing anything from a small operation to a multi-national corporation can be tough. Luckily VisualCue already has complete solutions bundles to transform your approach. Come and see how VisualCue’s real-time operational intelligence can make you even bet-ter at what you do.

Call Center

The experience a customer has when they call in to a business is crucial. A great experience will make good customers great ones, whereas a negative one will have them jumping ship. VisualCue’s call center solutions are tried, true and currently working in some of the largest call centers in the world.


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