VisualCue for Salesforce Live Demo Event

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM EST

Want to learn about VisualCue but hate one-on-one sales calls? Join in on our group demo!


Visualize CRM Data to Give Your Team a Leading Edge

VisualCue transforms your sales performance data from your CRM to be more informative and actionable. Learn exactly how your sales teams are doing at a glance so that everyone can know where their resources are needed most.

Identify sales leaders, get early warnings for lagging quotas, qualify leads in an instant and check in on the whole team at once thanks to crystal-clear icons and color-coded performance indicators. VisualCue makes your team work smarter to get more done.

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What Is A Sales Performance Platform?

It is performance intelligence anyone can use to make smarter decisions. VisualCue boosts performance by transforming the data your team generates every day into actionable insights they can use to work smarter.

We accomplish this by combining revolutionary data visualizations with proven Business Intelligence strategies to empower every member of your team with the information they need to improve their performance.

Platform Features

How Does VisualCue Empower Sales?

See the difference VisualCue’s sales performance platform can make with our story of two sales managers, one who finds success thanks to our informative dashboards and the other who hits a downward spiral because of their data deficit.

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Track the Metrics That Help You Sell More!

Learn the KPIs and metrics that matter most for sales success.

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Gain Insight

Connect VisualCue to Salesforce and other sources to instantly harmonize your data, letting it tell you the full performance story at a glance. Monitor KPIs, quota progress, individual performance, account strength and more.

Take Action

With a quick look at the colors and icons on your dashboard, you can know in seconds where to set priorities and how to modify strategy. Close more sales and prevent performance setbacks with intelligent sales data visualization.

Improve Process

Start making lasting changes that streamline your sales pipeline, improve individual sales abilities and focus on the accounts and actions that matter most. Act smarter on a leaner budget with knowledge at your fingertips.

Play Time

Turn sales into a game with instant readouts on individual performance, quota progress and overall company standings. Every employee learns what they need to meet or beat expectations, encouraging friendly competition and driving success.

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Turn Every Team Member Into a Sales Leader

With easily identifiable sales performance visualizations, VisualCue puts actionable information in each team member’s hands regardless of role or training level. Align everyone on the same goals with the same source of truth so that data can become your greatest ally in success.

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