Your data has a story to tell

The only problem is: no one in your organization can really read it. It's because the story is spread out in different reports and databases. Your dashboard can give you a summary, but loses the details. Now there's a better way. more

VisualCue is an entire insight system that takes your existing data, in real time, and presents it in a data visualization tool driven by dynamic icons everyone intuitively understands. It's every key performance indicator spread out across every report gathered into one visualization that gives actionable insight into every person, process or asset in your business.


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We call them Tiles

And they are amazing- a simple one to one data visualization of every person, process or asset in your organization showing dozens of key performance indicators you can put on maps, calendars, diagrams, or even augmented reality. more

But Tiles are just the beginning. Put a bunch of Tiles together and you get a Mosaic- an overview of all your important data in one place that shows the big picture without losing the details that make up the "why." And with VisualCue's data exploration tools you can group, sort and filter Tiles to gain even more insight and make better, faster decisions.

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